Saturday, February 10, 2007

Still Ringing True

Sometimes I wonder at the serendipity of the world. Today, looking through a lifetime's worth of pictures taken by my great-aunt Onita (some of the many small treasures discovered during the cleaning out of the house blogged previously), I saw one which instantly caught my attention. It was a picture of Turtle Creek in winter, with the water still open but the shoreline covered in what appears to be a moderately heavy layer of snow.

While the picture caught my eye, it was the inscription on the back of the photo that captured my heart. Onita was famous for writing bible verses, quotations, and everyday thoughts on the backs of her pictures, and this time, in this situation, the statement on this photo summed it all up:

"In the midst of everything, take time to love, and laugh, and pray. Then life will be worth living, each and every day."

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