Monday, February 5, 2007

Brrrr, it's cold in here...

Definitely frozen in Northern WI the last couple days. What I didn't mention in yesterday's blog was the reason (read: excuse) for all of my cinematic laziness: IT WAS TOO COLD TO DO ANYTHING but HUDDLE UNDER COVERS AND LET ONE'S MIND WANDER!! To illustrate my point, and to prove the cold, hard facts (pun intended) to all readers, today's high:

That's 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit ABOVE zero. Now, for a current temp report (as of about thirty minutes ago):
Your eyes are not deceiving you. The thermometer does say NEGATIVE 14.6 degrees. As in below zero. The kicker to all this? Current temp (I just ran out to the entryway to check) is NEGATIVE 19.7. Last night's low was -32.5. Yeah, some days Wisconsin just rocks.

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Ratch said...

It was 56 degrees in Kansas City today. I checked the temp in Rochester (to rub it in Becky's face) and at first glance, said 36 degrees. Not bad, I thought. But I looked again. Make that 3.6 degrees. Hahaha.

Some days it's nice to be a Southerner. (Just some, though.)