Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Electricity, E-lec-tricity...

In case you might be too young (or too old and forgetful) to catch the reference above:

I have learned, in the last week, to appreciate the little things. Like light switches that actually work, toilets that flush, and water pumps that force water to flow from a shower head. In my sister's words: "It would suck to be Amish."

Winter weather in Waverly forced us to hunker down with long sleeves, sweatshirts, blankets, flashlights and firewood to survive during a four day power outage. We knew it was coming on Friday night, as we drove home from the Black Hawk Rollerdrome (ahh, sweet memories of my youth!). The ice started, and didn't stop until Saturday. Sometime around noon on Saturday, we lost power.

I was iced in- the major roads leading out of Iowa were closed by the DOT. Not even plow trucks and wreckers were allowed out. Sunday afternoon I called work, told them my circumstances, and that I would not be in on Monday. Finally Monday afternoon I was able to go home. Tuesday they got power back.

Adventurousness aside, it was really not that much fun. It was cold enough that hot food was what our bodies wanted, but not something that was very feasible. Unfortunately, today's cookware does not double for hearth usage. Same goes with frozen pizzas. Not a good idea.

However, the trip wasn't a complete loss, as I got to spend time with my sister, and I got to get my hair cut. I am a huge supporter of Locks Of Love (you can visit them here: I have donated three times in the last 5 years - my hair grows really fast - and this time was another 10+ inches. While the long hair is nice, it's pretty cool to be able to just wash, run a comb through it, and go.

And finally, I leave you with a couple of flowers: roses from Valentine's Day, and a gerbera with alstromeria, just because!

Beauty satisfies the senses completely and at the same time uplifts the soul.

- Franz Grillparzer

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