Thursday, October 9, 2008


I know there are a lot of things I need to post to the blog for all the hardcore "fans" out there, but I need to take a moment and discuss something I'm a hardcore fan of: the TWILIGHT books. For those of you not familiar, they are a series of books by young adult author Stephenie Meyer, and they revolve around the central character, Bella; her boyfriend, Edward; and her best friend, Jacob; and their friends and family. Sounds innoculous enough, right? Except that Bella's human, Edward's a vampire, and Jacob is a werewolf. Makes it all much more interesting! :)

So, pop culture nerd that I am, I had heard a TON about these books on various blogs, media outlets, shows, etc, and I decided I had to check it out. Last week, I started the first book. This week, all four are done. They're that good. And yes, it's official - finishing all the books in less than a week makes me...drum roll, please.... a TWERD (twilight+nerd=twerd).

The first Twilight movie comes out Nov 21 (already have plans to see that), and the first really good trailer came out yesterday. There had been others, but this one really gets your attention! Here's a link to Perez Hilton's TV channel, where you can see the new trailer (it's not even on the official Twilight website yet...!).

ENJOY! And welcome to Twerd-dom!

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