Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lovin' this...and life updates

  • For those of you who have been living in a box for the last week, Google unveiled a new browser - called Chrome - to compete with Microsoft's Internet Explorer. I've been running both for the last couple of days, and I am really digging the ability of the Chrome browser to get the job done without some of the aspects of IE that I found annoying or cumbersome.

  • One of my favorites - individual tab task management. What's that mean? It means that if you are viewing multiple sites, for instance a video in one session, flight reservations in another, an IM conversation in another, etc, and video tab crashes, it doesn't bring down the entire browser and all of your other sites. It just closes the individual tab/session that is experiencing issues. Coolness. Especially since having this happen when you have 10 different things going is a pain!

  • The design of Chrome is also really simple - both from a usage standpoint and a esthetic standpoint. Major kudos to Google on that.

Check Google's very good educational/marketing campaign site here.

Other things...

  • It's the 22nd birthday of Bother #1 today. Everybody say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KARL!

  • I ran my first 5K race this morning (that's 3.1 miles for those of you who are metric-system deficient). I didn't set any land speed records (average speed was about a 10.5 minute mile), but I finished, and that was a big accomplishment for me, especially considering I've only been running for about two months. I liked it, so I'm going to keep an eye out for other events this fall. New goal - faster!
  • Pic is of the mother-in-law, sister-in-law, myself, and family friend after the event. The others walked the distance. I went back and found them after I finished and walked the remainder with them. Does that mean I finished twice?! (LOVE the vintage Chibardun Telephone t-shirt - thanks to my friend Terrel for hooking me up with that!!)
  • Had a terrible experience on the road in Arkansas this week. No, it doesn't have to do with canoes or banjos!! Very bad food poisoning, actually. And here's what I learned from this experience - don't eat fish at the Ruby Tuesdays in Fayetteville! Other than that it was a good trip. The Tulsa, OK and NW AR area is very pretty - lots of hills and water, like home.
Pictures and vids from last weekend's festivities are coming. Bear with me. :)

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