Friday, August 29, 2008

It's been a busy summer...

I promise I'll update more a little later, including pics and things, but for now here's the status...

  • The rest of the trip to Italy and Austria was AWESOME! I will post some pics (and more SPECTACULAR video clips *wink, wink*)soon. Our time in Salzburg and in Venice was way too short, and left me with a desire to visit again.

  • On the return, it was a huge catch-up with work. Add to that time at the cabin on the St. Croix, Little Sister's 18th birthday (YAY, K!), Bother #2's birthday, Cousin Matty's birthday, Dr's appts, dentist appts, farm work (always hay, straw or cows) and everything else, and it made for a busy last couple of months

  • Shortly before I left for Europe, Dad was admitted to the hospital with some issues we thought were related to his diabetes. It turned out to be his heart, and he the Monday after I left he had a six-way bypass and valve replacement. It was a little scary, but he's come through like a champ! We've been taking turns running to and from Dr's appts and rehabilitation, getting him here and there.

  • B won tickets to the Hayward World Lumberjack Championship in Hayward, WI. Attached are a couple of vids from the pole climbers - one of the craziest things I've ever seen. These poles are 60 and 90 feet tall, and these guys scale and descend these poles in about 12-15 seconds. Absolutely nuts.

Turtle Creek Threshing is coming up this weekend, and I'll have the prep pics and vids from that coming up as well (including the cutting and binding, and the bundle loading). Check back for more! And have a great Labor Day weekend!

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