Thursday, April 5, 2007

Thoughts for a blustery spring day...

Now that all the snow is melted, the sun is beginning to shine, and the grass is greening up, it's time for one of my least favorite times of spring - "Trash in the Ditch" time. There is a reason April is the home month of Earth Day (the 22nd for those of you not up on such things) - spring reminds us of new beginnings, but it also serves serves up a visual of all the things we've done in the past to pollute/tarnish/completely mess up our environment. So, on that thought, here is my new goal, and a challenge for each of you.


Sounds really simple, but just like so many other things, if each person did just a little bit, think of the huge progress that could be made! Whether it's a road on your way home, a stretch of Adopt A Highway roadway sponsored by your employer or civic club, or even the sidewalk in front of your house, try to pick up one thing a day and either dispose of it properly, or better yet, RECYCLE IT. And since I'm big on processes, here's my exquisite representation of the various waterfall effects possible as a result this seemingly insignificant action, with an aluminum can as an example:

AND for all you overachievers out there, check out the government's Earth Day website for more tips at home, at work, and everywhere else. Remember: Earth Day, Every Day!

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Ratch said...

Nice to see I was the inspiration for the top left picture in your recycling propaganda piece. :-)