Monday, April 2, 2007

House Update

Recent pictures from the little bother's, um, I mean little brother's house. :)
Dad in the kitchen - new cabinet doors are on, and the countertop is installed, along with the new faucet.
Dad in the kitchen, looking happy that the project is getting close to completion. Behind him is a glimpse into the laundry room.
Another shot of the sink -it's kind of hard to see the the dark countertops. I love the red, black & white wall! Can't wait to get the vintage chrome and silver Formica table set in to complete the retro look...
Brother #2's bedroom - pretty hard to tell, but the walls are a medium green - a little darker than a sage.

Brother #1's bedroom - this wall color is a beautiful seashore blue - hints of green and grey. I love this color - it may be the next color in MY house! Also love the striped bedspread, and am insanely jealous of the great view - Turtle Creek and the bluffs in the background (out the window).

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