Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sooo Many Photos!

This past Sunday I went for a walkabout, as they say in New Zealand. I tried to get B to go with me, but he was much more interested in napping. Unlike yesterday's weather, Sunday lived up to its name. Temps were warm enough that a thin long-sleeved shirt and some mild exertion were enough to keep one comfortable.

Thaw was the word of the day Sunday, and the quickly-approaching vernal sun was doing its best to achieve. The woods however, (dark and deep, as Frost so aptly put it) were not as thawed, and snow still layered most of the shaded parts. Only the more open, southern-facing hillsides were exposed, but even they were getting a head start on spring: here and there were small patches of verdancy, hints of things to come. I took a few pictures - it's amazing how just a little fresh air can give one fresh perspective!

The ice covering last year's dried grass forms some wild, jagged shapes. You can see my shadow in the background - told you it was sunny!

A well-worn deer trail. Since the new growth alfalfa in this field hasn't greened up yet, it happens to be especially noticeable.

The maple syrup lines from B's high school years. Many are still up, awaiting their next use. B and I are still discussing our return to sugaring next year. Our personal supply is dwindling, and I would like to start tapping and cooking next year to replenish our stores.

A tree that's seen its fair share of action this winter - by woodpeckers! Notice the PILE of shavings at the bottom of the tree. I saw about half a dozen like this over the course of my walk. Now, if I could only spot an Ivory-Billed... :)

A shot through the trees along an ATV trail/logging road on a neighbor's adjacent property. There was a deer here before me, can you tell?

A couple of shot along the valley on my in-laws' land. The hill I'm standing on belongs to another neighbor, and our land starts at the bottom.
Benjamin, my faithful companion on these trips, much to spoiled Ms. Beezus' chagrin. Beagle is a good walking partner: he's never too far off (unless rabbits are involved), he comes when called (exempting prior mention regarding coneys) and he's invariably eager. He really helps keep me going!

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